QueryTask Object Sequence


Example: ArcGIS JavaScript API - Geocoding

Plotting addresses or points of interest on a map is one of the most commonly used functions in web mapping applications. To plot an address as a point on a map, you'll first need to get the latitude and longitude coordinates. Geocoding is the process of converting physical addresses into geographic coordinates. In order for your addresses to be added to the map, they must go through a geocoding process that assigns coordinates to the address. Geocoding is accomplished in ArcGIS Server through the use of a Locator service and is executed through the ArcGIS Server JavaScript API with the Locator class, which accesses these services to provide address-matching capabilities as well as reverse geocoding. As with the other tasks provided by ArcGIS Server, geocoding requires various input parameters, including an Address object to match addresses or a Point object in the case of reverse geocoding. This information is then submitted to the geocoding service and an AddressCandidate object containing the address matches is returned and can then be plotted on the map.

Enter an address then click the locate button to use a sample address locator to return the location for street addresses in the United States.