Base map with widget overlay

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Widget Examples

Example #1 - Base Map Gallery

Use the BasemapGallery widget to select a map's basemap. This widget presents a gallery of base maps that can be user-defined or generated by a query from

Example #2 - Geocoder

This sample demonstrates how to use the Geocoder widget to simplify the process of finding locations on a map.

This example allows you to enter an address, then displays the location of matching addresses. This is commonly known as geocoding. In the ArcGIS JavaScript API, you use the Locator class to perform geocoding. This link will take you to a different Web site:

Enhanced Geocoder

Example #3 - Home Button

Quickly return to the map's default start extent using the HomeButton widget. When the widget is created the developer specifies an extent that will be used as the 'home extent'. As users pan and zoom around the map they can click the home button to return to the specified start extent.

Example #4 - Locate Button

Find and zoom to the users current location using the LocateButton widget. This widget uses the geolocation api to find the users current location. Once the location is found the map zooms to that location.